Tamara Lewis

Yoga has been a way of life for Tamara since childhood when she was fortunate to have a father who brought her with him to classes. She certified to teach in 2003 and has been teaching ever since. A lifelong student, she continues to explore and immerse herself in understanding the varied approaches to the practice. Her teaching brings together what she considers to be the best and most effective methods while staying true to the essential, universal, and timeless teachings of Yoga.

In Tamara's classes, the grace, breath-connection, and joy-in-movement of Flow Yoga come together with mindful attention to alignment, core integration, and functional anatomy. This creates a delicious practice that energizes the body while developing habits of posture and movement to stabilize the joints, safely develop both flexibility and strength, and minimize wear and tear on the body. A moving meditation, her classes are both invigorating and deeply calming.

"From both my own experience and years of teaching, I find Yoga to offer a key to a lifetime of health and well-being for body, mind, and spirit; a beautiful means of transforming lives. I am dedicated to sharing its benefits and love encouraging people with all levels of experience and at all levels of fitness."

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