Bridget Supriya Puchalsky

Bridget has extensive training and experience in both the fields of yoga and holistic medicine. She is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 500) classically trained in Asthanga & Hatha Yoga. Bridget's life's work is in assisting others to find thriving health by utilizing her expertise yoga and holistic medicine.

Her classes are an enthusiastic and full-spectrum including attention to the breath, movement and alignment. She blends a complementary ratio of flexibility, strength and balance with encouragement for the practitioner to exercise their inner intuition and breath to guide their practice. Each session will be appropriately adjusted to natural forces such as: season, time of day, and current atmosphere with a holistic approach to work on the mat a method to building awareness of our beings from a mental emotional, energetic and physical form. Classes will build a skill set that allows the student to become increasingly inspired about using yoga practice as a tool in personal wellness. Expect to find, as appropriate, detailed verbal cues, demonstrations of poses or hands on adjustments. Practice often includes: gentle warm-ups with qi gong exercises, sun or moon salutations, sound anatomical alignment refinement using props, chakra and channel alignment, gentle breath work and meditation.

She is a licensed primary healthcare provider in California with a four-year Master's in Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine and a two-year Ayurvedic Medicine training. She is an adventurer and her most inspirational influence comes through living life to it's fullest in the solitude of nature when adventuring high upon mountain peaks or in the ocean's embrace. She was raised in the Michigan, lived many years in the high Rockies, and currently lives in the Bay Area with her partner Alexi and adorable dog Lily.

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