Pacific Cultural Ceneter & Yoga Institute
Yoga Institute Class Descriptions

Classes marked with an asterisk (*) include breathing practices and meditation.

Alignment Flow: Static poses blend with vinyasa flow movements, connecting body, breath, mind and spirit.

All Levels: Teacher will tailor the class to the level of the students present, all abilities are welcome.

Ashtanga Yoga Intro*: Classical Ashtanga Yoga breathing practices, meditation and postures. This is a free weekly class.

Gentle Yoga: Easy-going postures for those with limited flexibility or strength.

Hatha Flow: Flow of the breath guides natural movement of the body allowing energy to move freely, bringing balance and unity.

Yoga 1: Basic postures focusing on alignment, breath awareness and relaxation.

Yoga 1-2: For experienced beginners who wish to learn to build strength in holding postures.

Yoga 2: Intermediate level postures with in-depth focus on alignment and breath.

Yoga 2-3: Intermediate-Advanced level that focuses on strength and breath awareness.


Mama & Baby Yoga: Supportive class for mothers and infants (six weeks – one year)

Pre-natal: Most appropriate for women in 2nd and 3rd trimesters (13 – 40 weeks).

Rebuild, Release, Restore: A blend of tension release and toning, this class offers a trauma-informed, therapeutic approach to strengthening the body and calming the nervous system.

Deep Relaxation Restorative: Deep relaxation in supported postures to soothe the nervous system and release deeply held tension in the body and mind.

Yoga Back Care Basics: Therapeutic class for people with ranging back issues who seek serious strength building. Please call Yoga Therapist Annica Rose for more information. 831-423-9642

Guidelines for Practice:
Practice at least 2 hours after eating.
Wear clothes that allow free motion.
Notify instructor about any physical problems or injuries.


New Student Special: $30 for 5 classes

Drop-in Classes: $14 per class.

Unlimited 1 month Pass: $95 for one month.
Unlimited 3 month Pass: $250 for 3 months.
Discount Passes: $65 for 5 classes; $110 for 10 classes.

Discount Passes can be purchased from your instructor before or after class, or from the Office.
Unlimited Monthly passes available in the office only.