Pacific Cultural Ceneter & Yoga Institute
Yoga Institute Class Descriptions

Classes marked with an asterisk (*) include breathing practices and meditation.

Alignment Flow: Static poses blend with vinyasa flow movements, connecting body, breath, mind and spirit.

All Levels: Teacher will tailor the class to the level of the students present, all abilities are welcome.

Ashtanga Yoga Intro*: Classical Ashtanga Yoga breathing practices, meditation and postures. This is a free weekly class.

Gentle Yoga: Easy-going postures for those with limited flexibility or strength.

Hatha Flow: Flow of the breath guides natural movement of the body allowing energy to move freely, bringing balance and unity.

Yoga 1: Basic postures focusing on alignment, breath awareness and relaxation.

Yoga 1-2: For experienced beginners who wish to learn to build strength in holding postures.

Yoga 2: Intermediate level postures with in-depth focus on alignment and breath.

Yoga 2-3: Intermediate-Advanced level that focuses on strength and breath awareness.


Adaptive Yoga The Adaptive Yoga Class is designed for students with a variety of special needs who are looking for a safe place to experience the multiple benefits of yoga. We offer our students increased flexibility, a greater sense of balance, strengthening opportunities, and the ability to be present with their breath for a nourishing therapeutic experience. The class moves through range of motion exercises to stimulate healthy joints, and progresses into a wide range of movements adapted from traditional yoga postures to meet the needs of our students who are living with joint replacements, post surgical rehabilitation, advanced arthritic conditions, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's, spinal chord injuries and other mobility limiting conditions. Our class is wheelchair accessible and we encourage students who are challenged with mobility to bring an assistant to help with transferring and to have a more interactive class experience. Please contact Annica Rose prior to your first class or with any questions. or call Monday or Friday mornings 831-423-9642

Mama & Baby Yoga: Supportive class for mothers and infants (six weeks – one year)

Pre-natal: Most appropriate for women in 2nd and 3rd trimesters (13 – 40 weeks).

Rebuild, Release, Restore: A blend of tension release and toning, this class offers a trauma-informed, therapeutic approach to strengthening the body and calming the nervous system.

Deep Relaxation Restorative: Deep relaxation in supported postures to soothe the nervous system and release deeply held tension in the body and mind.

Yoga Back Care Basics: Therapeutic class for people with ranging back issues who seek serious strength building. Please call Yoga Therapist Annica Rose for more information. 831-423-9642

Guidelines for Practice:
Practice at least 2 hours after eating.
Wear clothes that allow free motion.
Notify instructor about any physical problems or injuries.


New Student Special: $30 for 5 classes

Drop-in Classes: $14 per class.

Unlimited 1 month Pass: $95 for one month.
Unlimited 3 month Pass: $250 for 3 months.
Discount Passes: $65 for 5 classes; $110 for 10 classes.

Discount Passes can be purchased from your instructor before or after class, or from the Office.
Unlimited Monthly passes available in the office only.