Pacific Cultural Ceneter & Yoga Institute



Soft light streaming through tall windows lends a gentle feeling to this second-story room. Further enhanced by decorative plants, the room provides an excellent choice for workshops, discussion groups, small performances, and medium-sized classes.

Capacity 50 people
Cost $32/hr.

Measures 24 ft. wide by 38 ft. long.
Oak floors
(area carpets are available).


CD/iPod Player: No Charge
Sound System (single powered Mackie speaker): $10/day
Microphones: $10 per mic/day
Performance Hall carpets (12'x15') $7 each/day
Plain carpets (6'x8') or Asian carpets (8'x11'): $4 each/day
Projector Screen (8' x 8': $10/day
Projector Screen (13' x 8'): $25/day
Digital projector: : Call for a Quote
Hot water or coffee urns: $10 each/day
TV/Blu-Ray: $10 each/day

Setup & Breakdown Fees

Chairs (80/81-160/161-245): $20/$30/$40
Tables: (10/11-20/20+): $15/$20/$25
Renter sets up / breaks down tables & chairs: No Charge

Custodial Food Fee

With prior arrangement, renter may bring vegetarian food & non-alchoholic drinks: Call for a Quote