Pacific Cultural Ceneter & Yoga Institute

PCCPCC is a non-profit organization sponsored by Hanuman Fellowship. Our aim is to promote healthy and peaceful living through education, social service, and spiritual practice. PCC is affiliated with the Mt. Madonna Center for the Creative Arts and Sciences, the Mt. Madonna School in Watsonville, Sri Ram Orphanage in India, and Salt Spring Centre in Canada.

Have you been to the PCC lately?
With programs and yoga classes seven days a week there's a lot going on! Whether you are a dedicated yogi or yogini, or just starting out, we offer yoga classes for your abilities and interest.

Many wonderful performers, seminar leaders and speakers hold events here at the PCC. Check out our Events Guide to see what's coming up. You can also sign up for our eNewsletter which is sent out at the beginning of each month...

Yoga Institute

With over 30 diverse yoga classes a week, the Ashtanga Yoga Institute at Pacific Cultural Center is a community yoga studio in the Seabright Neighborhood that has been serving yoga students of all levels, ages, and abilities for over 20 years. The Institute offers yoga classes based on both ancient traditions and modern adaptations. Yoga is a holistic science for increased health, well-being and inner peace. The Institute was founded by students of Baba Hari Dass with his support and guidance.

YIBased on the several thousand year old system of Ashtanga Yoga, our classes emphasize triputi, union of body, mind and breath. Practicing asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing practices) and meditation inspires a sense of presence, calmness and peace of mind. All asana classes at the Yoga Institute emphasize safe alignment, mindfulness, and breath awareness. Rather than forcing, we allow the body to assume the postures through a conscious, relaxed effort.